Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kobe: "It Tastes Like a First Round Loss to the Spurs"

Some observations on Shaq's 8 Mile moment:

The clock is ticking on the first YouTube loser and/or unknown DJ to release his "remix" of the Shaq rap. Vegas has the over/under at 8 hours.

"Kobe, tell me how my ass tastes" is destined to join Black Bart Simpson, Stop Snitchin' and the Jeezy Snowman as a Taste of Chicago t-shirt design hall of famer.

This is not the first time Shaq dissed an NBA opponent in song. Below, Shaq channels Sam Malone to send a message to the Sacramento Kings. Vlade Divc did not return our calls regarding how Shaq's ass tasted in 2002.

Don't forget that Kobe is also known to put heads to bed on the mic. Following the trail blazed by Vanilla Ice and Naomi Campbell, Bryant and Tyra Banks rock the house in the video below.

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