Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Du Du Performance

Duhon is drunk in Texas and cannot find his way homeMaster strategist Jim Boylan unveiled his 3-on-5 Offense last night in an overtime loss in New Jersey, simultaneously showcasing the talents of offensive supernovas Chris Duhon and Ben Wallace in the extra session. Duhon helped Josh Boone pad his stats in overtime by shooting a layup into Boone's hand. In another OT clip-reel moment, Duhon turned his back to Richard Jefferson to give him easy access to the hoop and 2 points. Olé!

Duhon keeps killing it on the catwalk with his array of t-shirts. It's cut off in the photo, but I think the shirt says "I'm drunk and I can't find my dignity."

Photo source: Truth About Duke

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