Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bulls Lose on Purpose

Joakim looks for a way outJim Boylan's superpower is to blow double digit fourth quarter leads by playing inane lineups.  The latest evidence was last night's loss to the Pacers in which Boylan found a way to squander a 13 point advantage in the fourth.  There are about 6 reasons why Boylan blew the game, but putting the shaky defense of 6-3 Ben Gordon on 6-9 Mike Dunleavy (who scored 13 in the fourth) is a main one.  Joakim Noah went for 16 points on 78% shooting and 8 rebounds in 22 minutes.  What would he he done in 35 minutes?  We'll never know because Boylan keeps him glued to the bench.

A note to all Bulls season ticket holders:  Please contact the Bulls and let them know how upset you are about this season.


Anonymous said...

Noch almost fought Jimbo and Du and Tyrus were sitting on the bench throwing up shots during shoot around. God save us.

Henry said...

Great reead