Sunday, March 9, 2008

Duhon Does Durham

These losers will have plenty of time for rubbing on each other as neither should be in the league next season Chris Duhon was benched for Sunday's loss to the Pistons after missing the pre-game shootaround. Duhon left the team without permission to see his Duke Blue Devils lose to the UNC Tar Heels. Duhon claims he missed his wake-up call. I'd be out of it, too, after a night of Jager Bombs and talking to D-list girls.

Duke luminaries Jason Williams and Christian Laettner joined Duhon at the game. Apparently, it was NBA Bust Night at Cameron Indoor. In a ceremony hosted by Alaa Abdelnaby, JJ Redick was awarded the prestigious Bobby Hurley Trophy for his NBA performance. Trajan Langdon, honored last year, could not make it as UPS has a strict personal time policy.


Anonymous said...

love the site..dook sucks and so does duhon..I wonder where his mom is working now hahahaha

Anonymous said...

They were there to audition your Mother as she was trying to get on with the Emporer's Club.