Thursday, April 10, 2008

Patrick Ewing: Real American Hero

Ewing believes the children are the futureCharley Rosen tells a moving story about recent Hall of Fame inductee Patrick Ewing:

One afternoon after a game day shootaround, Ewing was chauffeured to a hospital where he was scheduled to visit a ward housing children with terminal diseases. Ewing always resisted extracurricular activities (except for his well-publicized adulterous dalliance with one of the Knicks dancers), and he groused all the way to the hospital. When he finally got there, the poor kids were all aglow at his presence. But Ewing cut his visit short. And when a few of these tragic children begged him for an autograph, Ewing refused, saying, "I never sign autographs on game days."
In the photo above, Ewing enjoys a meal with his family, Miss Indiana Black Expo '92 and a dancer from Coming to America.

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