Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Larry Legend

Ladies love lousy shot selectionChris Duhon is not the only Bull to look good in novelty tees. Here, Larry Hughes gets his Hot Topic on and clears up all rumors that he's in love with a stripper.

Larry's 0-6 shooting night in a loss to the Celtics also cleared up rumors that he should start on an NBA basketball team. Larry proved that he is the most versatile non-scorer in the game right now, missing layups, mid-range jumpers and 3s with equal ease. Hughes can create his own turnover both on and off the ball. Someone needs to alert the Hall of Fame to this performance:

First Quarter
4:20 Larry Hughes misses 19-foot two point shot

Second Quarter
9:22 Larry Hughes misses jumper
7:56 Larry Hughes misses 25-foot three point jumper
4:33 Larry Hughes misses 19-foot jumper

Third Quarter
8:26 Larry Hughes bad pass (Rajon Rondo steals)
7:37 Larry Hughes misses layup
7:16 Larry Hughes misses 18-foot jumper

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