Monday, May 26, 2008

Hennessy Got Noah Not Knowing How To Act

Sunglasses from the Elton John CollectionIs anyone really surprised that Joakim Noah was arrested for misdemeanor alcohol and marijuana possession? This story reinforces the old adage that no matter how successful you are, you will never outgrow drinking Henny in the street from a red Solo cup while scoping college girls.

Quick cognac story: Two summers ago, I was shopping at a Dominick's in Chicago when Shawn Marion pulled up in a customized white-on-white Dodge Magnum, parked in a handicapped spot and ran in to buy a bottle of Hennessy. I always thought Tim Grover's fitness regimen called for Alizé and not Henn-rock, but I'm not an athletic trainer, so what do I know?

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