Monday, March 15, 2010

34% From the Floor; 100% With the Ladies

Chris "more chicks between the sheets than Essence" Duhon tells Obama not to skimp on penicillin coverage in the healthcare reform bill. Interesting note: the hand on the girl's shoulder is actually Duhon's.

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Anonymous said...

No matter how many times Chris' family erases this, it won't stop the truth from coming out. We all are now aware that not only is there a second child (possibly third) on the way if not here already. Photo's were sent along with video as "concrete proof" requested by Andrea. She got it and did nothing. She doesn't care if he cheats. With the info, she only dismissed it. She knows he brought home TWO STD's this spring. She knows he has another child that isn't by her. It's been documented she is "barren". She is as weak and pathetic as always believed to be. Her so called "friends" defend her because they want her to be an NBA wife and get the big pay out. Everyone knows she looks below average, and had she not been "other" than black Chris wouldn't have dated her. He doesn't like black women and is a sell out.
So sit back and enjoy the train wreck called their marriage. They are getting married this weekend.
Andrea won't respond to phone calls or emails, but Chris can be reached at the number posted by the woman he infected. (I know we all saw that last week).
I truly feel sorry for his children. I used to feel bad for Hernandez, but it's obvious she is waiting to cash in. She is a gold digger, and her ugly ass could never get another player. So she has to do what she needs to. Any "math" teacher should have been able to calculate the time of conception of his oldest child. The child was born prematurely. She KNOWS he cheated on her. She's just too weak and pathetic to let him go